About Danish Society for Patient Safety

Personer står samlet
Danish Society for Patient Safety (PS!) is an independent organization working to improve patient safety across Danish healthcare.

We strive to create a sustainable healthcare service, in which changes become lasting improvements. Citizens and patients should experience a safe, effective and coherent healthcare – every person, every time.

With PS! a number of powerful partners have joined together to achieve this goal. A wide range of relevant parties like patient organizations, healthcare staff, pharmacies, medical industries and local and regional governments are represented in our board. Hereby we form a strong and unique organizational frame in the work to improve safety in healthcare.

With partners, domestic and international, we have been a part of implementing a wide range of quality improvement projects in hospitals and primary care, as well as striving to put patient safety, improvement methods and person-centeredness on political agendas. We provide advice to legislators and stakeholders, arrange training programs and conferences, suggest standards for safe operation, create consensus and initiate projects.

PS! was established in 2001 and today consists of roughly 25 employees. We are funded by means from the Danish regions, Local Government Denmark, grants and to a lesser extent means from membership organizations, individuals and companies.

Examples from PS! programmes

Medication safety at special housings

The employees at the special housing Søparken have developed a way of cooperating where tasks concerning medicine are divided in accordance with the qualifications of pedagogic and healthcare personnel.

Involvement of residents at a nursing home

What matters to you? At the nursing home Kastanjehaven the staff aim to involve residents as much as possible in decisions on everyday life at the home.

Detection and prevention of depression among elder people

Safe Senior Life (Sikkert Seniorliv) aims to detect and prevent depression among elder people. Through co-creation the project combines forces from local governments and civil society in the pursuit of this aim. The project is supported by the Danish foundation TrygFonden, and three local governments collaborate with the Danish Society for Patient Safety about Safe Senior Life. In this video we follow employees and volunteers from the municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn.