Nudging hjælper læger til at huske at bestille influenzavaccine

Af Simon Tulloch, chefkonsulent, psykolog, PS!

Influenza remains a persistent global health threat. Achieving and maintaining high influenza vaccination rates are an important public health priority. However, vaccination rates are often below (national) targets, and this may be due to a range of factors such as psychological barriers that drive vaccine hesitancy or physical barriers such as lack of access or interaction with the health care system.

Faglig orientering af Simon Tulloch: The increasing use of nudging in healthcare

However, there are also other system barriers which contribute to this situation, such as clinicians forgetting to order vaccines due to lack of time or not considering it a high priority.

The use of choice architecture (nudging) to include prompts to order influenza vaccine as a default option may help to reduce the chances of running out of the vaccine. This approach, which constitutes a form of ‘standing order’ can be used across a range of applications but is explored in detail in a paper by Suchitra Rao and Ann-Christine Nyquist:

The Power of the Nudge to Decrease Decision Fatigue and Increase Influenza Vaccination Rates

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10. december 2018

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