Patienters perspektiv på sikkerhed bygger på, at de “føler sig sikre”

Patienters opfattelse af patientsikkerhed adskiller sig fra de sundhedsprofessionelles, viser en undersøgelse fra et universitetshospital i London. Patienter oplever sikkerhed, når de ‘føler sig sikre’, hvilket ikke altid er det samme, som at de faktisk er det…

Af Simon Tulloch, psykolog, Dansk Selskab for Patientsikkerhed

Efforts to involve patients in patient safety continue to revolve around professionally derived notions of minimising clinical risk, yet evidence suggests that patients hold perspectives on patient safety that are distinct from clinicians and academics. A recent article by Emily Barrow and colleagues, based on data collected across three clinical specialties at a large central London teaching hospital, proposes the need for a patient safety paradigm that is meaningful to all stakeholders, incorporating what matters to patients to feel safe in hospital. This is because, while some patients described patient safety using terms consistent with clinical/academic definitions, patients predominantly conceptualised patient safety in the context of what made them ‘feel safe’.










Barrow ELear RAMorbi A, et al How do hospital inpatients conceptualise patient safety? A qualitative interview study using constructivist grounded theory 

21. december 2022

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