The provision of safe, reliable and effective healthcare is reliant on high levels of psychological safety (psykologisk tryghed) among healthcare professionals, and we know that health care teams engage in, and benefit from, improvement efforts more successfully in cultures with high levels of psychological safety.

At PS! we have been working on these kinds of issues and developing expertise in a range of health and social care settings. We have primarily engaged in workshops and presentations to achieve this, alongside the use of social media, e.g. Twitter or LinkedIn.

We have also undertaken a number of projects which have informed our knowledge and practice, as well as made beneficial changes to the organisations we have worked with.

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Psychological Safety – ensuring a safe environment for learning in the Danish healthcare system

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Evidence and activities

Over the last few years, a number of incidents and documents have highlighted the need for healthcare providers to understand the significant role that the work culture has on outcomes for patients using healthcare services as well as on staff working in healthcare services.

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